I have some thoughts

Good words

The writer Emily P Freeman says “The fearful words find us easy, but the good words are found by us. We have to look for them and then when we find them we have to choose to receive them.” This is how I’m beginning to feel about this not-normal new normal we live in; the fear finds us easy, but the good is found by us. We have to look for it.

Fern & Rose meets:

“It’s pretty much a dream job”

Fifteen years after completing her PhD in marine science, Rachael Peart found her perfect role. The catch? It involved moving her family from New South Wales to New Zealand. Rachael talks about making the hop across the ditch, how her family have adjusted to life in Wellington and why a job with NIWA was too good an opportunity to miss.

Fern & Rose meets:

“It’s a much better family environment. That’s why we decided to stay.”

Emma Bottomore is a British expat in Wellington and mum to seven-and-a-half year old Daniel. She talks about why staying in New Zealand made the most sense for her family and how contracting put her in a better position to negotiate flexible work opportunities.