The beginning

Today, we’re celebrating ten years together. And is an anniversary really an anniversary if you don’t write your partner an open letter on the internet?

It’s Halloween and I’m dressed as a cat. Eyeliner whiskers. Pointy plastic ears. Drinking punch and hanging with the guys I’d still always choose to hang out with. And you and I have been indecisive for a while now about what we are to each other. But you show up in a white M&S shirt with a bottle of Cillit Bang and somehow that’s the night I end up deciding – at last – that you’re who I want to be with.

So look, I know you call this our fake anniversary, that we got married in March, blah blah blah. But I mark this one, too, because it’s the first step we took towards here. Ten years on, we’re family. We’re happier and more tired than we’ve ever been! We’re adjusting to our new normal with a mountain of memories.

We’ve worked hard at our relationship, defining our values, what we’re good at, what we suck at, how to be a team. You’ve introduced me to patience, science and Crystal Palace. I’ve brought gentle mockery to our relationship. You help me run races, step out of my comfort zone and dream big. I change the station from Radio 4 back to Classic FM. You help me to be better. I think I help you, too.

And now we’re three, I see what all the work we did, the adventures we had, all that time together was for. We built strong foundations, became each other’s base isolators, so even when we’re shaken, we stay standing.

I didn’t know what we were getting into back then. I think maybe you had an idea. But neither of us knew what the last ten years would look like. It’s been brilliant. I’m so glad I chose you.

It’s Halloween and I’m dressed as a sleep-deprived mum. No make up. Dark circles. So much dry shampoo. Drinking tea and reflecting on how far we’ve come. Weird to think it’s only the beginning.

Happy anniversary. X

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