Rachel and Alex

This is Fern & Rose: a parenting blog about famiy, flexibility and faraway places.

Hello. I’m Rachel – writer, editor, mum to Alex, ex-expat and tennis fan. I’m meeting people who have been parents for longer than I have and nicking their best ideas. I’m asking them about their work and home lives and how they fit together so their family can thrive.

Fern & Rose is the one stone that’s killing a whole flock of birds. It makes sure I get to talk to real live grown-ups while I’m in my maternity leave bubble. It’s the space in which I exercise those writer/editor skills I need so I can be paid to play with words. And it’s helping me be a better parent.

Why Fern & Rose? Because it’s like Alex; a Brit and a Kiwi. A fern and a rose.