Rachel and Alex

Hello. I’m Rachel – writer, editor, mum to Alex, ex-expat and tennis fan. I’m meeting people who have been parents for longer than I have and nicking their best ideas. I’m asking them about their work and home lives and how they fit together so their family can thrive.

I started Fern & Rose from my sofa in Wellington, NZ. Before Alex was born, I knew balancing work life with family life was a big challenge for many parents, particularly mums – but I also saw so many examples of people creatively rising to that challenge. And when I actually became a mum, I knew I was going to need their help! So I started interviewing the brilliant people around me about what they were doing to live fulfilling work lives and home lives at the same time.

What I’ve learnt is that this distinction is too binary, too narrow. There is no balance. Work, family, parenting, friendship, life admin, self-care, fun, goals, interests, travel, health and wellbeing, sleep! – it’s all intertwined. We’re all just winging it. And all I really want is to hear from other parents about how they found their wings – while I’m still finding mine.

So that’s what Fern & Rose is all about: extraordinary stories of finding our way through our ordinary lives. All facets of it. Wherever we are.

Why Fern & Rose? Because it’s like Alex; a Brit and a Kiwi. A fern and a rose.