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About time

When Alex was born, it took a while for me to become – and to accept – this new version of myself. The dual personalities of Rachel and Mummy. And the crucial commodity in all of it has been time.

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“At the end of the day, everyone just wants what’s best”

Michaela Harris is mum to two-year-old Hazel and a PhD student at Victoria University of Wellington. Her research focuses on breast and formula feeding, an often-controversial topic. She talks about the challenges of applying global recommendations to a local context and what parents and medical professionals are telling her about feeding babies in New Zealand.

Family · Fern & Rose meets:

I asked my husband how I’m doing as a mum

Matthew Berry is a software engineer in Wellington. He’s also Mr Fern & Rose and dad to our daughter Alexandra. He talked to me about the flexibility his work offers, feeling like my support team in the Tour de France of parenting, and what he thinks of my mum skills. It’s fair to say he thought this might be a trap of some kind; he was a little nervous at the start of our conversation …