Expat life

8 things I learned from life as an expat

It’s been six months since I moved home from New Zealand. This is what it was really like to live overseas – and to come back home.

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“It’s pretty much a dream job”

Fifteen years after completing her PhD in marine science, Rachael Peart found her perfect role. The catch? It involved moving her family from New South Wales to New Zealand. Rachael talks about making the hop across the ditch, how her family have adjusted to life in Wellington and why a job with NIWA was too good an opportunity to miss.

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“They didn’t write it off and say ‘ok, you can go’. They took the time to listen.”

When it comes to flexible working, opportunities can sometimes feel few and far between. There’s all too often tension between employers and employees, with new parents in particular feeling torn between their careers and their families. But what about when it goes well? Wellington-based lawyer Louisa Gommans has a flexible working good news story – and it all began with a single conversation.

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Spies Publishing’s Renata Spies

After a fast-paced, jet setting career in the hotel industry, Renata Spies came to New Zealand with her husband and kids for a very different lifestyle. She has no trouble filling the day, though. The founder of Spies Publishing talks about publishing her 12-year-old son Ben’s books, explains why she stepped out of the traditional workforce to be a full-time mum and passes on her Nana’s sage parenting advice.